Abdias Ramirez

2020 Projects

Air Jordan 1 3D Model

This was a very fun project to work on, because it forced me to get out of my comfort zone. I usually make all my 3D designs using my bread and butter programs: Maya, Zbrush and Keyshot. In this case I used Photoshop ( sorry Substance Painter) to make the texture patterns and convert them into alphas in order to be applied within Zbrush and Keyshot. Another big difference is that I secretly used Modo’s auto stitching function to make the stitches and boy what a life saver!

Air Jordan 1 3D Model

3D Sneaker model of the Zoom Freak 2.

Zoom Freak 2 3D Model

This 3D Footwear model was one of the coolest and most enjoyable out of any 3D footwear design I’ve done. The complexity of this shoe brought critical thinking into the 3d realm, but no matter the challenge, I was able to tackle them with Maya, Zbrush and Keyshot.

In addition. I got inspired with the Nike ID options for this shoe, so I made custom colorways for the sneaker.

Adidas 3D Concept Model

This is a project I did for Adidas recently. All credits go to the original designer. They provided me with a lateral view of a shoe and it was up to me to model it in 3D and coming up with different colorways of the shoe. The sole were inspired by the Adidas ZX 2k boost sneakers. I used my usual 3d tools: Maya, Zbrush and Keyshot.

Lebron 17 3D Model

Designing basketball shoes are one of my favorite things to do. Therefore I bring you the Nike Lebron 17 3D model.

For this particular shoe I used Maya to start off the base forms. Then I took it to Zbrush for detailing and I used a technique called “spotlight” in order to texture the uppers. It works wonders when you need to drive speed, when it comes to production modeling.

Nike KD 13 3D Model

Nike Overbreak 3D Footwear model.


Pandemic Buster .01

Medial View

Pandemic Buster 0.1 Wolf Grey

Medial View


These are a compilation of 3D design concepts I made using Zbrush’s powerful Nanomesh and Micromesh options. If I have to pick a favorite, I’ll say the water dragon I made using my previous KD 12 3D soles…ahhhh 3D satisfaction.

3D Character Design

This is a 3D Character in which its garments were mostly done using Marvelous Designer. Then I used Zbrush to make the garments and textures come alive.


This is a 3D Footwear project I did for an employee that works for Nike. The client provided the design of the shoe, both lateral and sole views. With great communication on both sides, the client was satisfied seeing his 2D footwear design into this amazing 3D render. I used Maya, Zbrush and Keyshot for this project.

Back View


Original Sketch

Lateral view

3D Character Design

This 3D character art was sculpted in Zbrush and then rendered in Keyshot. I used many refence images from Pinterest for inspiration. I was looking for a futuristic yet stylish look to this character. And btw, he is wearing the Pandemic Buster 0.1, you should buy a pair too, haha!