Abdias Ramirez


KD 12 3D Model

I have a strong passion for Footwear. Therefore, modeling the KD 12s was a must for me. I started the base mesh in Maya, and finished the details In Zbrush. I like my 3D Footwear models to be organic, full of life and imperfections, which in my opinion, gives more realism to the shoe. The final render was in done in Keyshot.

Side view of the model.

Kyrie 6 3D Model

The Kyrie 6 3D model was made in Maya and Zbrush. I textured the model using Subtance Painter and Photoshop.

Kyrie Irving 6 3D Model

Kyrie 6 Trophies 3D Model.

Kyrie 6 Heaven’s Wings Concept

Second view of the 3D Model

360 View of the Kyrie 6s.

3D Sneaker Prototype

I did a handful of sketches before I started using any 3D software. After I finished the sketches, I modeled the entire shoe in Maya, and detailed it in Zbrush. I retopologized the model in Topogun and textured In Substance Painter. The final render was done in Keyshot.

3/4 View.

Other 3D Sneaker Prototypes

These are some other 3D Footwear render designs I made In Maya, Zbrush and Keyshot.

3D modeling, rigging, animation and compositing.

Casual 3D Shoes

Maya, Zbrush and Keyshot was used for this casual 3D shoe ( My wife said to take a break from sneakers, that’s tough).